Ashley S.

Scottsdale Research Institute
Amateur Mycologist
Phoenix, Arizona
Amateur  mycologist at Scottsdale Research Institute. Passionate about alternative medicines.

Scottsdale Research Institute is a Phoenix-based clinical trials site that is dedicated to advancing the state of medical care through rigorous research. SRI currently holds DEA SCHEDULE 1 Manufacturing license to cultivate psilocybin and cannabis. We have completed our first successful round of psilocybin mushroom cultivation and are anxiously awaiting analytical lab testing results.

Field to healed Foundation is a 501c3 dedicated to studying botanical medicines for veterans & police/fire/EMTs to evaluate the safety/efficacy of cannabis & psilocybin mushrooms for treating PTSD, pain, and potential for opioid reduction/substitution.

Dr. Sue Sisley MD is Arizona-based Internal Medicine/Psychiatry physician and President of Scottsdale Research Institute. Sue is best know for FDA controlled trials with Vets & 1st responders examining safety/efficacy of inhaled marijuana flower for treating severe PAIN & PTSD. Dr. Sisley has levied 3 FEDERAL lawsuits against the DOJ/DEA in US FEDERAL COURT to remove barriers blocking Cannabis/Botanical research resulting in SRI finally being awarded coveted DEA Schedule 1 Bulk Manufacturer License which allows growing own Cannabis Flower & Psilocybin Mushrooms for any FDA-approved clinical trials (not synthetic production). SRI has also petitioned DEA for permission to start manufacturing LSD under federal Right to Try RTT law.
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