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environmental artist, multi- disciplinary educator, community activist,

earth materials in all forms just excite me and that includes edible plants & flowers, trees and handmade wares of clay to elevate the eating experience.
I will not be a vendor this year as I wish to join in the forays and conversations, however, I am bringing some selected pieces such as mushroom “sippers” for your elixir experiences. Seek me out if interested. Other works include honeyhive bowls, palo santo hamsa burners, bowls & platters. Text me if you wish to meet up - 602-616-0223. Anthony and I will be in town from August 16 thru Sunday August 21. Looking forward to seeing friends (hi Laurie & Dan) and making new ones. We will both be participating in as much fun, forays, music, poetry, film, learning and sharing as possible!! We are staying over on Tomboy Rd just south off Colorado. Best to all, Joan Baron & Anthony Floyd
Wednesday, August 17

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Thursday, August 18

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Friday, August 19

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Saturday, August 20

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Sunday, August 21

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