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Irene Dubin

Born and raised in Eastern Europe and Siberia, Irene completed BS/MS study in Pharmacology and received a Master’s in psychology with emphasis in addiction counseling. During Irene’s academic and professional study, she gravitated towards Somatic therapeutic modalities, Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, Art therapy, Depth Psychology. Her non-traditional studies include entheogenic research from a variety of sources, apprenticeship with a Shaman in Druid College, Sound therapy, Breath work, and Psychedelic integration practicum for clinicians. Irene has lived in the United States since 1998, owns a private psychotherapy practice and is the lead psychotherapist for the Blue Portal facilitating psilocybin-assisted retreats overseas. She is an affiliate of MAPS, and a graduate of Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at JKFU in California.